How to Get Married on Kauai

Island Weddings and Blessings

What is the procedure for getting a Marriage license?

The State of Hawaii has instituted a new on-line marriage license procedure, which saves you time and simplifies the license process. You can fill out this form at any time before the wedding.

To register online, go to:

Follow the instructions on the website under Applicants and fill in the required information indicated with the red dot/star next to the line. Since some factors may change or be unknown at the time of the application, ie: the location, the actual performer, and/or the date, (especially if you are applying well before your arrival) you do not need to fill in the lines without the red ‘dot/star’ next to them. This form will be updated and signed by us once the wedding is completed.

You will still need to appear before an on-Island license agent to verify your ID and your registration. We will set up the on-island appointment for you at a convenient location and time.

If you do not have on-line access, let us know so we can set you up with a local license agent on Kauai who will help you to fill it out on-line at your appointment and will give you the copy to bring to the ceremony.

No medical testing is needed at all. If either of you has been divorced, you will need to know the month, year and place (County & State) of the dissolution and it is recommended that you bring the paperwork if the divorce was within 6 months of your current wedding date. Once you are married on Kaua`i, your license is valid throughout the World.

How do I choose a location since I am so far away?

We are happy to discuss the different sites with you. Our website has detailed and abundant pictures of our different wedding locations – we are happy to go over these with you.
Beach locations now require a State Permit which we will obtain for you before your arrival.

What if it rains?

We have lovely backup locations for rainy days that provide shelter as well as beauty. We are also as flexible as possible about changing time, location and even date in order to provide you with the very best wedding.

How about Photography?

Our Island Memories Photo Package is designed to give you options and the best coverage. Choose from our 50-image option or a buyout of over 100 images from our 1-hour photo coverage. All pictures are generally shot in high definition digital unless otherwise requested, edited for lighting and color corrected. Your pictures will be presented on a private web gallery so that you can share with your friends and family. Our package service time is for 1 hour of professional photography and the photographer takes approximately 150 pictures in that time. Additional photo time & locations may be added to the buyout option.
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If I have a Video camera, why would I need Professional Video?

Professional video offers greater resolution, stability and sound. Our professionals will capture all your dearest moments in high def with today’s most up to date equipment. Most devices cannot overcome backlighting and will not capture audio. With professional video multiple remote microphones allow for audio clarity and you will receive a finished DVD for memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Edited Version. Our professional edited DVD will give you an artful and beautiful story of your wedding day, set to the music of your choice and the sound of your voice. Since you and the officiate will be wearing a remote microphone, the entire ceremony will be recorded for your friends and family to fully experience even if they cannot be present. After the ceremony, the videographers work with our photographers and add special moments, group shots with your guests and romantic footage of the two of you. The finished product will be inscribed with your names and wedding date, for a beautiful and finished video to cherish through the years.

Video On Demand. Our Newest Option in Video – Your Ceremony presented on a private website within 24 hours of your wedding. Easy for you, your family and friends to view at your convenience. Website will be available for 3 months plus you will get a DVD sent to you of this footage. A great addition to our edited DVD and far more dependable than using a webcam as Kauai has limited cell reception in many areas.

Unedited Video. In this version, the Ceremony and Romantic footage are done at the wedding, using remote microphone. The video is in camera edited and handed or delivered to you on completion.

Copies. Great gifts for parents and those who couldn’t come.

How do I choose my flowers?

We will be talking with you in detail about the type of flowers that we can offer. Our website has beautiful bouquets, leis and flower arrangement options that you can choose from. You can also send us pictures from websites, magazines or talk with your local florist for ideas.

How do I book my wedding with Island Weddings & Blessings?

When you are ready to book your wedding, you can call us at 808-828-1548 and we will start a file for your wedding. We will take down all of your pertinent information and start to make the necessary arrangements.
Our basic deposit is $250. which can be paid by check or with a credit card.
Whenever you contact us, we will add to your file so that we will always have your most current information at hand. We are available to you by phone or e-mail daily.

We sincerely hope that this information has assisted you with your wedding plans and that we will be hearing from you soon to begin arranging your Island Wedding or Special Blessing on Kauai

Mahalo and Aloha from Fern, Michael and Quinn Merle-Jones