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Blessing Rituals Island Blessings, Kauai, Hawaii

Ceremonies to honor those special moments and times when our lives take on a new meaning or achieve a sought after goal. As an extension of our wedding options, Island Weddings & Blessings offers special blessing rituals for different occasions of celebration. Prices start at $295. Please call or e-mail for a personalized consultation.

Blessing rituals from Island Blessings, Kauai, Hawaii

  • Vow Renewals
    What a wonderful way to celebrate the success of an enduring relationship. Whether on an anniversary or an addition to a special vacation, Vow Renewals energize and bring deeper connection to a relationship.
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  • Couples Empowerment
    Honoring a special relationship between two people who are not married but who desire to create a ceremony of commitment and sharing.

  • Baby Blessings
    It has been a thrill to share with families in welcoming their new family member with a Baby Blessing. The Ceremony involves a greeting from all the elements of nature and culminates in a Hawaiian baby naming - created personally for the child based on the characteristics that are shared with us by the parents.

  • Land & House Blessing
    In Hawaii it is the custom to have a special blessing when starting a new project, purchasing property or building a home. The blessing asks for protection in all aspects of the process, and for a fortuitous and successful completion.
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  • Other Blessings
    Let us know what you would like and how we can assist in creating a ceremony to honor your life.... We have participated in blessings for:
    • New Businesses
    • A new Career or Job
    • A new Love
    • Merging Families, and
    • Memorials
    • name a few.